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Ethical Dentistry

Accredited practitioners of ethical dentistry


As a proud member of the Australian Dental Association, Seddon Dental takes pride in practicing ethical dentistry that goes beyond traditional dental practice.

We pride ourselves on high-quality and timely treatment, while respecting any concerns or fears some patients have about visiting the dentist. We treat each patient individually, providing bespoke care that is in their best interest.

Our clinic's reputation is built on trust, with our family-owned practice servicing the local Seddon, Footscray and Yarraville area for more than two decades.

Our clinic uses only the highest-grade equipment, and our hygienic facilities meet the highest possible industry standards.

Seddon Dental is also QIP Accredited, which is an accreditation awarded to clinics who follow strict protocols for providing dental care. It is not mandatory for Victorian dentists to become accredited, but we believe in going the extra distance to offer the very best service for our patients